From the desk of Managing Trustee
Govindraoji Nikam College of Agriculture Mandki - Palvan can provide you with a challenging route to achieving your further goals. One of the many advantages Govindraoji Nikam college of Agriculture, offers is our unique approach to pure education.
Our programmes help to give our students the best of two words – “Indian excellence with an international perspective”. At this college we assist our students to achieve the personal growth and they will make a mark on their professional career, with the knowledge, skills and exposure gained at this college.
We welcome you at this college.
Board of Directors
  Dr. T. L. Chorage Chairman
  Shri. S. R. Kelkar Vice-Chairman
  Sou. A. T. Chorage Member
  Shri. S. G. Khapale Member
  Shri. M. P. Surve Secretary
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